Do It Yourself: Start With 10 Questions To Creating A Buyer Persona For Your Business

A buyer persona is the "you on the other side".
Simply put, who you want to sell your product to but does not know what you know.

The "you on the other side" do not have an idea of their need and how your product will help out.

Importance of a buyer persona 

Understanding who is the "you on the other side", will help in gaining only clients that are qualified to use your product/services. 

Understanding who is the "you on the other side", will help you employ your resources correctly to gaining new customers and retaining the old ones with ease.

Also, a complete understanding  of the "you on the other side", will help in creating the right contents that will attract and convert.

Start with 10 questions 

  1. What are they thinking of right now?
  2. Where do they visit normally?
  3. If they are coming for you, what do you think are their psychological needs aside the services you offer?
  4. What motivates them?
  5. What are their demographics?
  6. What are their challenges and goals?
  7. How do they talk? What vocabularies do they use that you can also use to attract them?
  8. What keep them up at night?
  9. When is their free time?
  10. What voice tone would appeal to them?


You can also create a non-buyer persona. This will help in avoiding extra activities that do not promote acquisition and retention of qualified customers.


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