4 Strategy Ideas For Gainful Content Creation & Distribution

Anything content demands good strategy for it’s creation and distribution.
Content creation and distribution goes beyond the engagements (likes and comments) on the post. The bone of contention is,  after engagement what next?

You can use the four ideas below to improve your campaign.

  1.  Think goals. Your goals will help you discover high – yielding points to properly channel increased efforts. With goals, you can offer complementary services that surround the main service that will help to attract clients to you. In this case, you push forward just one service that will lead to you offering other 5 services. Therefore, streamline what you desire to achieve with your content creation and distribution campaign.
  2.  Examine the past. As a content creator and distributor, there must have been a content that had alot of engagements at a time. If so, you have to take the time out to carefully examine that particular post to notice what was the “bait” that pulled in the audience. Examine such content to find what made it attractive and work on recreating such content in the future.
  3.  Provide good sales funnel. Service delivery is an issue in any business. After attracting customers, there is need to provide an easy route to help them take further steps to begin the sales process on what you offer. Design a good sales funnel and make your customer journey seamless as much as possible.
  4. Use your customer’s shoes. Be personal about your customer experience with what you offer. This will help to improve or remove any process that will not support a smooth sales process.

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