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Consumer Psychology: The New Marketing Trend

Consumer psychology is the new marketing trend. It provides a subtle form of marketing as it takes into consideration human behaviours and responses to their desires.

Consumer psychology in marketing deals with the way different consumers or groups behave when it comes to making a buying decision.

In consumer psychology, it is believed that people can be influenced or intentionally guided to make a particular decision about a product.

This subtle but intentional guidance is applied during a product design and promotion, so as to make it appealing to the moods and emotions of customers.

Therefore, it is highly important to take into consideration the very first action every prospective customer takes on a product - which is, to SEE it.

What a customer see or know about a product determines what they will think and eventually decide to buy.

Consumer psychology in marketing as it affects decision to buy. Infographics

In consumer psychology, it is believed that it takes up to 90 seconds for people to decide to buy after seeing the right information of a product. 

Will consumer psychology help your digital marketing process? Yes. There are simpler ways to include consumer psychology in your marketing strategy for tangible results. 

Using the consumer psychology approach in marketing helps in designing and advertising products for easy conversion.

Consumer psychology provides the right strategy to naturally convince people to make a desired choice about a product.

Aggressive sales pitching has lost its place as people are now wiser to search for information before they make a choice about products.

Continuous advertising that do not adopt the use of consumer psychology in its product design and promotion, will be ignored by people.

The concept of consumer psychology can not be avoided in marketing because of the benefits it provides. It is consciously adopted by Tee Nigeria in all her digital marketing services.

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