Email Marketing: Know The Right Emails To Market

Email marketing is an integral part of digital marketing.

At every point in a customer interaction with a brand, there is need for proper communication which can be achieved through email marketing.

This is where sending the right emails and at the right time is required and Yes!, there are different types of emails.

Email Marketing is all about creating brand awareness using emails. It is important to know that a Newsletter is a type of email to market and not all emails are Newsletters.

Marketable Emails You Can consider

The types of emails to market are numerous. A few we have here,

Welcome emails. Without much explanation, it is an email to welcome new subscribers or customers. This email may include an introduction of your company, an option to gain insights about the subscriber and provision of information to fulfill any promise you made to them for subscribing.

New content or new update emails. As the name implies, this email is carefully designed with an influential “call to action” to direct subscribers to your website again to see new contents created for them.

Invitation emails. These emails are sent to inform subscribers of events likes ongoing sales, meetings, conferences, webinars etc that your business will organise.

Transaction emails. There is need to acknowledge any transaction made by customers by sending mails providing the summary of any successful purchase.

Gratitude emails. These can be combined with welcome emails. It is to be sent whenever a lead take any tangible actions with your business. A customer need a gratitude email for a successful purchase of a product. Therefore, this can also be used in transaction emails too.

Reminder emails. This email is sent solely for reminding subscribers of any action they need to fulfill. In the case of cart abandonment by customers, these emails can be sent to remind them to complete their purchase.

Exclusive emails. These are only sent to subscribers that made a distinct request on your business.


There is need to avoid blasting your subscribers with too much emails. No need to spam them to gain attention. You only need to develop a strategy to include email marketing in your digital marketing campaign. You can also adopt email automation solutions to make your email marketing efforts fluent.

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