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How To Influence Consumer Decisions

One easy approach on how to influence consumer decisions successfully is through adopting the concept of consumer psychology.

To make people choose you over other competition is to provide contents that appeal to their emotions and senses at a particular time. Find more ways below.

Through offering leading questions and professional answers to each questions. When you provide your audience with the right answers they seek, it makes it easier for them to make a choice. So, you should answer or provide answers to all questions that may come up during the marketing process through your contents on social media or your website.

Through showing up. It is important to show up at the right time and place. The more you keep showing up consistently you will improve your chances of being chosen by your audience. This will make people to become familiar with your product and this familiarity with your product, tend to make them see it as the best option available.  Therefore, you should be consistent with providing contents and updates about your product. Social media and your business website are a good platform to do this.

Get this content calender template to help you show up consistently and this template covers a period of one year!

Through free tours or trials. This can be an effective way to make consumers choose your product. Engage your audience by making them enjoy a tip of what you offer at a little or no cost. When they get familiar with your free trial product, they may see the need to opt in for the complete package.

Through adopting the colour psychology. It is good to make your product or marketing campaign content designs to be visually appealing to your audience. This highly influence their decisions to choose you. Poor packaging and unattractive design will only push your audience to your competitors. Notice the colours you use in marketing to your audience. You can keep experimenting with colours.

Through nudging prospective or actual customers. Nudging your customers is just a way of showing up at the right place and time to alter their behaviour to choose you or choose you again. This nudge should be easy to avoid and not mandatory. This idea can be strategized at every potential exit point of a customer’s journey with your business. (Exit points may be where you always experience prospective customer leave before actual conversion or a period when you notice your customers have been away from your business for sometime.)


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