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Importance Of Consumer Psychology In Marketing

Consumer psychology is important in marketing because it makes it “easier” and “harder” to convert customers.

“Easier” in the sense that, if it is included in any marketing process, it produces tangible profits with the way it appeals to customers easily in their decision to buy.

Then “harder” in the sense that, it requires radical and creative thinking to produce contents that appeal to consumers in their decision to buy.

The perception of people about your business is important.

With a good understanding of consumer psychology, you are able to provide the right information and content about your business.

The following points are the importance of consumer psychology in marketing:

1. To make it easier to design products for effective marketing

2. To increase customer loyalty

3. To produce successful campaigns

4. To understand consumer behaviours and responses to their desires.

5. To influence consumer decisions

6. To help modify businesses for productive outcomes

7. To properly introduce your business the way you want it to be perceived by your customers.


As consumers become wiser in making buying decisions, it is good to position your business for a favourable outcome using consumer psychology.


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