Do It Yourself: 4 Points To Start With Social Media Marketing

Social media management is an important aspect of digital marketing.

It can be overwhelming to meet up with the demands of social media management. Moreso, every action is based on time to produce ideas, create, design and distribute contents.

Therefore, there is need to streamline every online marketing activities to get the desired result. Why? Because you may not need to be on all social media platform or you may not need to post everyday or you may not need to start with paid ads or… the list goes on.

On this note, we have seen that every type of digital marketing is more of a psychological challenge to understand business objectives and to relate them to the needs of consumers.

A simpler solution to bridging the gap between business objectives and the needs of consumers can be found in this book: Soldout.

What is social media management

Social media management involves all activities geared towards reaching out to a business’s social media audience to efficiently convert them to customers.

Most businesses are stepping into social media marketing as it is another channel of money-making opportunity which can only be achieved through efficient management.

Social media management involves the following process

  • Content strategy
  • Content ideation
  • Content design/creation
  • Content optimisation for the different social media platforms
  • Content review
  • Publishing approval
  • Content distribution
  • Content promotion
  • Content and audience performance Analysis

Where to start

Know your customers first. Design the persona you want to market to and create contents that you know will appeal to them. To do it right, get a guide to designing your own buyer persona.

Design and optimize content for distribution. Currently, contents in video formats are gaining favourable traffic on most of the social media platforms.

Discover the best social media platform for your brand awareness goals. This can be done before or after content distribution. For instance, after content distribution, you can review the performance and the users engagement on the content to know what works using any social media analytics dashboard.

Employ tools that make the workflow fluent.
For example, to easily review and analyse your audience, you can make use of the various social media analytics dashboard. Also, for content strategy, you can design a content calender to maintain focus. Find a perfect content calender template here. You can make use of content creation tools like Canva, Photoshop etc.


You may need to update your buyer persona from time to time.
As your business grow bigger, you may need to actually employ a content manager, creator, and editor.


Get your free guide to creating a buyer persona for your business here.

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