Website Design and Management: Would Having A Website Be Helpful?

Website design and management is important in online marketing. There is an unlimited provision of benefits one can get from owning a website.

For instance, would it be easier explaining all about your business with the word of mouth or to just refer them to your website?

What is a website?

A website is a group of web pages published and organised by an organisation to share her information.

For a website to function properly it must have the following:

  • A domain name
  • A host
  • A responsive design

Importance Of A Website

  • A website can pay for itself. As it automatically evangelise to prospective clients and converts them to customers. It has a lot of money-making potentials.
  • A website reduces major management costs. For example, school fees invoices, result sheets can be easily printed out or viewed online by students/parents. Also, forums can be organised on a website.
  • A website increases brand awareness and improves a brand reputation.
  • Continuous accessibility to your business is important. A website runs 247.
  • Easier marketing and distribution of information can be done on a website.


A good website must be responsive for users on any digital device to access. Also, a website should have fast-loading pages designed to improve website ranking in search results and for comfortable browsing by users. Slow-loading pages will discourage users.

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